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Congratulations! It seems you've stumbled upon Wandering Chimera Studios. A Glass-working/Nu-media, diamond-in-the-rough studio, built from the ground-up by a Fool and his Dog. We focus on a mixture of artistic glass pieces, from blown to cut to sandblasted and also offer a robust catalogue of eclectic, esoteric eccentricities not for the plain of heart.


Built on big dreams and small pocketbooks, Wandering Chimera Studios was established in 2021 during the heat of a global pandemic. An Escapist's dream attempt to distance himself from the rat-race and imminent lockdowns, lone proprietor and art-worker, Sebastian Juneau, gathered his belongings, left the towns and cities behind and took to the country-side.  

A home fit for a fire-spewing monster of mythos was found. On the Edge of the Valley of Eden,  beside a river where the Willows Creek, in a world that feels like its ending, tag along as we delve deep into the abyss of lost arts and attempt to rekindle a dying fire in a world gone cold.


The Crucible

A brief overview of various completed Projects



Woah there, Cap'n! You've caught us a bit off guard! We're glad you're just as eager as us to get going, but raising a monster takes awhile! Stay tuned on social media feeds to stay up to date as the site gets set up and Chimera's teeth and claws grow in.


Plz Respond

Got a Story to tell? Project idea? Gunna' tell us what's what? We wholeheartedly encourage you to reach out with any thoughts, ideas and business inquiries. We'll make sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

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